Over in the City Park West neighborhood, 1899 Gaylord to be exact, there is an old office building that has been undergoing some construction. Titled Cruise, Boutique apartments will be managing this 61-unit sleek new apartment building. There are a lot of old run down properties out there and this is a great step in the right direction to get something new on the block that contributes to a neighborhood in a positive way.

Below are some construction photos (click to embiggen). Cruise is expected to open next month giving residences sleek, modern finished apartments.

One very amazing feature of this project is that everything was reused. None of the structure itself has been altered; just made more efficient through modern HVAC systems, as well as new energy efficient windows.

There are a lot of old, tired properties in and around Downtown Denver that are beginning to be converted into a beneficial properties. I will be covering a handful of these properties here on DenverUrbanism over the next couple weeks. Also, check out Cruise’s Facebook page for additional renderings and inside photos!