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DenverUrbanism features content provided by both regular contributors and guest authors.

Our regular contributors are:

Ken Schroeppel is the founder and Editor of DenverUrbanism and its companion blog, DenverInfill. Ken is an Assistant Professor CTT in the Master of Urban and Regional Planning program in the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado Denver, where he lectures on the history of Denver’s built environment, among other topics. Ken received his Master of Urban and Regional Planning degree from CU Denver and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners. Ken serves on the Boards of Directors of the Denver Architectural Foundation and Union Station Advocates, on the Steering Committee of YIMBY Denver, and has served for years in various roles with the Downtown Denver Partnership, the Urban Land Institute, the American Planning Association, and the Congress for the New Urbanism. In addition to teaching, blogging, and exploring cities, Ken is often giving presentations on Denver’s urban history and current development to organizations throughout the region, and can be frequently found leading walking tours in the Downtown Denver area.

Ryan Dravitz is DenverUrbanism’s Assistant Editor and a bicycle-wielding urban photographer and student studying for his Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management with the potential for future studies in Urban Planning. True to his construction management interests, Ryan thrives on photographing urban infill construction projects as well as urban scenes in general throughout Denver. Residing in central Denver, Ryan lives the urbanist lifestyle, using and embracing the city around him.

Ryan Mulligan is an urban planner focusing on transit-oriented development and other transit support projects with Jacobs Engineering, one of the world’s largest providers of professional technical engineering, construction, operations, and maintenance service projects across the globe, including many in Colorado. Ryan received his Master of Urban and Regional Planning from University of Colorado Denver in 2009 and a Bachelor of Environmental Design from University of Colorado Boulder in 2007. Ryan is a member of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and its Young Leaders Partnership Forum which provides an ongoing opportunity to meet and collaborate with other young leaders on real estate issues.

Dan Malouff is an urban transportation planner for Arlington, Virginia, a community famous in planning circles for its progressive transit oriented development. Dan lives in Washington, DC and holds a Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Colorado Boulder. He writes extensively about urbanism and transportation on his independent blog, BeyondDC, and his writing is frequently featured online at the Washington Post Local Opinion Blog,, and Greater Greater Washington. Dan’s work has appeared in print publications including the Washington Post, the Washington Express, Next American City, and the Colorado Daily. You can reach him at: dan *at* beyonddc *dot*com, and you can follow him on Twitter: @beyonddc.

Shawn Snow is tour director and manages adult programming for History Colorado, the new name for the Colorado Historical Society. He is in charge of all adult public programming for the Colorado History Museum.  In 1999, Shawn graduated from CU Denver with two Master’s Degrees: one in Public Administration and the other in Urban and Regional Planning. With a passion for local history and historic preservation, Shawn has undertaken numerous projects, including the publication of his first book—Denver’s City Park and Whittier Neighborhoods.  He enjoys delving into Denver’s past to learn how its built environment has been affected over time. Shawn leads walking tours and bus tours of the city, state and region for Denver History Tours. A member of the American Association for State and Local History, he is continuing his research on the architecture and history of Denver’s public school buildings as well as post-war suburban growth in southwest Denver.

John Hayden is a Colorado native whose passion lies in building healthy communities. As a realtor at Kentwood City Properties with 12 years experience, John has learned a great deal about what draws people to particular communities and why some neighborhoods/cities prosper while others seem to stagnate. A resident and community activist in Curtis Park just north of Downtown Denver, John is committed to making Denver a healthy, attractive place for all its residents. Building a safe, well connected bicycle network is key to achieving this goal. John is the chair of the Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Committee, a board member of BikeDenver, and is currently working on a Master’s degree in Urban Planning at the University of Colorado Denver.

Derek Berardi is a resident of Downtown Denver. He graduated in 2009 from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Planning/Design. Derek currently works with The Space Creators building collaborative workspaces for creative entrepreneurs and Denver’s small business community. In addition, he is a freelance graphic designer who works with local businesses throughout the city. Derek’s writing will cover the topics of urbanism, adaptive reuse and cultural identity.

Robert Wilson is a Denver resident, transit enthusiast, and planning and real estate professional. He graduated the University of Colorado in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design and has since worked for Northeast Denver Housing Center. Over the years he has worked in public, private and public non-profit planning agencies in the fields of environmental justice, geographic information science, real estate development, infill redevelopment and construction management. At, Robert provides updates on RTD’s FasTracks program as well as other significant transit-related developments.

Ian Harwick is a Denver native and serial entrepreneur who’s been building businesses for twenty years and helping others do the same for the past five years. Currently, Ian runs Harwick Consulting, working with businesses of all sizes—although he has a special spot in his heart for mom and pop shops—and utilizing his abilities to connect objects, ideas and people, and organize them in a way that fosters creativity and collaboration. Ian is also co-founder of CityCycle, a mobile app for smart phones that changes the way cyclists interact with Denver’s bicycle infrastructure and the community that it supports. In his spare time, you can find Ian writing a book on community building, drinking coffee at a non-chain establishment, or building something new in his home.

Chad Reischl is an aspiring urban planner with a background in architecture and landscape design. He has a Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning from CU Denver with an emphasis in urban place making and economic development. He is dedicated to creating sustainable, healthy, and well connected urban communities for future generations to enjoy.

Liz Munn grew up in the shrinking city of Cleveland, Ohio, holds a B.S. in Sustainability from Washington University in St. Louis and is currently a Master of Urban and Regional Planning candidate at the University of Colorado Denver. She is pursuing a professional career in urban development, with a special interest in brownfield revitalization, infill and adaptive reuse projects.

Peter Bird grew up around the country and, after completing his Bachelor’s degree in linguistics, moved abroad, living in Hungary and Estonia. It was there that he first developed a love for cities and the transportation patterns within them. He currently works for BikeDenver and is also pursuing a Master of Urban and Regional Planning degree from the University of Colorado Denver with a special interest in bicycle/pedestrian transportation planning.

Kyle Dobbins is a resident of Capitol Hill and, after teaching music for three years, he studied urban geography at CU Denver. Originally from the Columbus, Ohio area, he moved to Denver in 2012 after living in Wyoming for six years. His focus is on transportation planning and historical urbanism. He teaches music for Denver Public Schools and has remained active in the urban planning community in Denver.