RTD has a very busy few weeks ahead of it! First off, Denver Union Station Transit Center opens to the public for a special preview on May 9 with full service on May 11. RTD has lots of information on its website – be sure to take a look if your travels take you through Market Street Station, as your route will change!

Also, May 12 also introduces a brand new service to downtown Denver – the free MetroRide! The buses will travel from Denver Union Station along 18th/19th and Broadway/Lincoln (depending on the direction as those streets are one ways) to Civic Center Station. It’s a FREE service to help supplement the MallRide and its insane (at times) crowds. These buses will run every 5-10 minutes during peak periods (6-9 AM and 3-6 PM).

2014_05_02MetroRide07 2014_05_02MetroRide06

There are 12 brand new, branded articulated buses to kick off the new MetroRide service. They still have the new bus smell! These buses will run only the MetroRide route and as you can see in the pictures below, they closely resemble the other articulated buses in RTD’s fleet. The MetroRide buses, however, have three doors and are low-floor to help speed up getting on and off the bus.

2014_05_02MetroRide02 2014_05_02MetroRide04

2014_05_02MetroRide08 2014_05_02MetroRide09

There are multiple shelters and bus bulbs along the route to mark where the MetroRide will stop. Keep in mind, however, not every stop has one of these white shelters (Property owner objections and utility complications, mainly). They will all have a sign of some sort – no surprise stops are coming as part of this project. RTD constructed a series of bus bulbs along 18th Street to help speed up the loading and unloading of passengers. The bike lanes were even incorporated into the design and construction! This service will go a long ways towards helping ease the crowding on the MallRide while providing additional transportation options in downtown Denver.

2014_05_02MetroRide03 2014_05_02MetroRide05 2014_05_02MetroRide01

Check out the map below for stop locations and RTD’s MetroRide website for more information. See you all on the free MetroRide May 12!