With two decades of support from willing taxpayers, RTD has built out an extraordinary network of light rail and commuter rail that connects suburban communities to Downtown Denver. The opening of each of these lines has been celebrated, written up in the media, and every day people use these useful services. There is a story to be told about each and every line on RTD’s rail network, but also room for improvement on each and every line. In 2019, RTD opened the Gold Line, or the G Line for short. You might wonder where the G Line goes. Well, the A Line goes to the airport, the B Line (will someday go) to Boulder, the W Line takes you west… but the G Line? It takes you to Wheat Ridge / Ward Road Station.

Wait, really? That’s the big destination?

This episode, James Warren and Andy Cushen take a field trip to corners of Wheat Ridge you didn’t even know were in Wheat Ridge (if you know for certain where Wheat Ridge is). Along the way we check in with RTD Director Ian Harwick, and discuss why the G Line goes no further, what makes transit useful, and how we can make it even more useful.

Check out the old interurban railway footage James and Andy reference in the episode here: https://youtu.be/lCQWmKI2aJI?si=CyD9apgDFEm5rwo8