The next few days are going to be huge for transit in Colorado. In Denver the new Union Station opens on Sunday, May 11, while the new downtown MetroRide shuttle starts Monday, May 12. But Fort Collins is also getting in on the game, with its first bus rapid transit (BRT) line launching on Saturday, May 10.

Fort Collins BRT. Picture from ColoradoStateUniversity on flickr.

The BRT line will be branded as the “MAX,” and will run roughly along Mason Street parallel to College Avenue, from downtown Fort Collins south past Harmony Road.

Buses will run every 10 minutes most of the day, except on Sunday when the line won’t operate at all.

The official launch party is May 10 at 10:00 am, at the South Transit Center at 4915 Fossil Boulevard, Fort Collins. The first bus departs at 11:00 am sharp!