Last time we checked in with FasTracks, we caught a glimpse of full speed testing for the A-Line. Now, with exactly two months until its grand opening, we can start to see the elements of this huge transit project finishing up. For this post, we are going to visit the 38th and Blake commuter rail station, with a healthy load of pictures.

Let’s start out with photos of the station itself. Here we can see some notable differences right off the bat. The overhead catenary system is much more robust than the light-rail system we are all used to seeing. The tracks are also lowered to allow level boarding on the commuter rail vehicles.

2016-02-21_38thBlake-06 2016-02-21_38thBlake-02

So how did we get down on the tracks for these photos? At each end, there are track-level crossings to get to each side of the station. There is also a pedestrian bridge to get you across, which we will cover in depth later this week.

2016-02-21_38thBlake-11 2016-02-21_38thBlake-12

The 38th and Blake station is the first stop outside of Downtown Denver to get to the airport. We were very lucky to have a clear day, and a double stacked freight train parked right outside the station.

2016-02-21_38thBlake-03 2016-02-21_38thBlake-05

Outside of the commuter rail station, great improvements have been made to the pedestrian environment. Wider sidewalks and sheltered bike parking are two significant improvements.

2016-02-21_38thBlake-08 2016-02-21_38thBlake-07

Need I say more? New train stations are exciting!

2016-02-21_38thBlake-04 2016-02-21_38thBlake-10

You could say I had a great time taking photos around this station.

2016-02-21_38thBlake-13 2016-02-21_38thBlake-14

I’m sure I am the first to lay down on the yellow caution line and take this unique perspective of the station.


In two months, the 38th and Blake station will be fully operational, helping service trains to Denver International Airport. We, here at DenverUrbanism, couldn’t be more excited!