What was once a boutique hotel in the heart of Capitol Hill, The Burnsley Hotel is now turning into a fully renovated apartment community. RedPeak Properties purchased the Burnsley Hotel building back in December, from the owner Joy Burns, and is spending $5 million on renovations. A very interesting fact about this building is that it was originally built as apartments in 1962. Then, it was converted to a hotel soon after, remodeled to what used to be the Burnsley Hotel in 1983 and now is getting converted back to its primary use when it was originally built.

If you aren’t familiar with where the building sits, it is situated on the northeast corner of 10th and Grant. 1000 Grant is the rightmost high-rise in the first photo (we can clearly see that there are some parking lots ripe for development). This already dense block will now contain five residential buildings; an 8-story, 5-story, 16-story, 3-story, and now a 17-story building to join the mix. Since this is an interior renovation, it’s very difficult to see how far along this project is. All we can really see is a boarded up entrance.


Since I used to live on the same block as 1000 Grant, here are some additional views of the building. The exterior and balconies will remain the same.


With the current demand of rental units in Downtown Denver, there are various buildings getting converted over to apartments and showing great signs of success. 1000 Grant will add around 80-units to Capitol Hill with renovations expected to be complete by this Fall.