A reminder to everyone that Bike to Work Day is tomorrow Wednesday June 26th! In fact this whole week, the fourth week of June every year, is Colorado Bike Month!

Be sure to register for the event so you can find group rides, breakfast and event stations, win prizes and to get involved in a great day for Colorado. Registering also helps organizers accurately determine how many commuters are participating, how many cars where removed from Wednesday’s commute and which routes and areas have the most bicycle commuter potential; all of which is vital for continuing this event and improving our state’s two wheel infrastructure. As of Tuesday morning almost 20,000 cyclist-commuters have already registered!

For help finding your bicycling route, and event stations, check out Bike to Work Day’s route finder or use Google Maps improved transit/cycling/pedestrian direction function. If you have a longer or shorter commute working transit or walking into the trip is also accepted.

Ready to go? Let us know your favorite part of your bike commute or which breakfast station or group ride you are looking forward to? What would make your commute more bike friendly?