RTD’s buses are boring looking. There are no two ways about it.

While the transit agencies of other nearby large cities such as Salt Lake City and Albuquerque have adopted sleek new paint schemes, RTD has continued to use the same dated livery that has decorated its buses for years.

Even the transit agencies of Colorado Springs and Pueblo are doing better than RTD at making their buses look good.

Of course what color you paint your buses isn’t as important an issue as how often or reliably they run, but neither is it completely unimportant. Make buses more recognizable, more desirable, dare I say more cool, and more people ride them. People like nice cars after all; they also like nice buses.

Make your transit stand out rather than blend into the background, and at the very least people will take notice.

So in that vein, I took the liberty of brainstorming a few possible replacements, which are included at the bottom of this post.

In the interests of full disclosure, please note that these are strictly unofficial. RTD has no proposal to actually adopt any of these paint schemes. This is just the sort of transit nerd I am.

The first proposal is based loosely on the Colorado flag, the second is intended to evoke mountains, and third simply arranges RTD’s existing orange and white color scheme into a more contemporary design.

If you’re a huge transit nerd as well and would like to give a shot to inventing your own paint scheme, feel free to download a blank bus template and have at.