In the past I have covered relatively small reinvestment projects happening around central downtown such as plaza and lobby conversions. 1600 Broadway on the other hand is getting a complete re-skin.

Built in 1972, standing 352 feet tall, the 27-story building is very dark and prominent along Broadway. The brown, rocky facade that is currently on the building is very dated doesn’t help ‘brighten’ up this area of downtown.



Well, this is all going to change. Weather sealant has started to climb up the building and a sample has been put up in a corner. Look familiar? The building will be very uniform with what is already in place at the ground level.


Construction will go through the summer and should be done by early fall. It will be very interesting to see what this building will look like after it’s complete. For now, enjoy one of the largest re-skins of a building Denver has ever seen!