ONE WEEK (still)! Two posts in one day – I know. We have a lot to cover on the West Rail Line prior to opening.

The Red Rocks College Stations is located about 1/2 mile (walking distance) north of the campus at the 6th Avenue Frontage Road and Arbutus Drive. The station has no parking, but there are bus bays located just to the south of the station.

This station reminds me of those along the Southeast Rail Line and I-25 in that its pretty loud. Obviously, being next to a highway will do that.



Sidewalks have been constructed along the 6th Avenue Frontage Road to help connect the neighborhoods directly to the west to the station. For those not familiar with the area, the frontage road used to have no sidewalks, making for a very treacherous and dangerous pedestrian environment.


There is only one main entrance into the station area on the east end of the platform. RTD has constructed a pretty burly fence on the southern end of the station to prevent passengers from jumping the tracks to access the frontage road. However, in emergency events, RTD has constructed an emergency exit on the western end of the platform, accessible through a push gate. Don’t attempt to use it unless it’s an actual emergency as an alarm will sound.


The station has great views to the west as well as of the Indiana Bridge over 6th Avenue.

Tomorrow, we will take an in-depth look at that Indiana Bridge (not for those afraid of heights) and Sunday we will check out the Jefferson County Government Center – City of Golden Station.