A few days ago Robert did a great in depth preview of the soon to be open W-Line. I also had the opportunity to ride the W-Line a couple weeks early and today would like to share some new things you will see on your trek out west. Thanks to Geneva Hooten of David Evans and Associates for inviting me to go along on the early ride!

As Robert pointed out in his post, the same light-rail trains we see today will be operating on the W-Line with only one difference. Instead of seeing what we are all used to, H Line, E Line, F Line, C Line and D Line, we have the new addition: W Line. It’s always neat to see something new and different no matter how small the change!


On the train ride, you will get to see some great views of the foothills, Golden, and the 6th Avenue corridor.


Upon riding the W-Line back, you get treated with a striking view of the Denver skyline both from the Indiana and Simms bridge. Make sure you are facing east on your journey back to Union Station to see these great views!


I have many more pictures of the journey but since this is just a preview I will leave you to go and see everything along the W-Line when it opens April 26th! See you then!