In only 98 short days, we will be able to head west on RTD light rail!

Time to check out the next station along our tour of the West Corridor. The Garrison Station is located at about 13th Avenue and Garrison Street in Lakewood. There is no parking with this station – RTD designed it as a Kiss-n-Ride station similar to the Knox, Perry, and Lamar Stations that we’ve looked at previously. As you can see below, this station has sound walls on both sides of the platforms to help buffer the neighborhood from some of the station noises (train bells, passengers, etc.).


The design scheme is very similar – black handrails, vertical signage, and tan/copper canopies. For those concerned about the line-of-sight issues associated with this station, there are plenty of lights along the length of the platform, as well.



This marks the last station of the section of West Corridor between about Harlan and Kipling Streets that is largely straight. It’ll be nice to be able to see the next train, regardless of how far away it. Granted, trains along this corridor will be running every 7.5 minutes, so wondering where your next train is shouldn’t be too much of an issue.


Next time, we will take a look at the Oak Station. In the mean time, RTD will be lighting the 6th Avenue bridge for the first time next Wednesday, January 23. It’s open to the public and is just one more step to the West Corridor opening!