What was once a blue beacon in the sky, noticeable by everybody in the metro area, is now being taken down with the recent acquisition of Qwest. So far just the North side of the building has been stripped of its logos. This is the first time in over ten years you will see the building without any logo on it. The 52-story building (1801 California) is going to have green CenturyLink logos in place of the blue Qwest logos.

The day before they started taking the logos off, I got this last final shot.

Then the work had begun starting with the ‘s’ and ‘t’ being removed Monday.

The next day, the logo was completely removed.

Some are happy the bright blue logos are being removed and some are sad. Regardless it will be a change on our skyline for years to come. I leave you with this night shot I took off my balcony a while back, which shows how much higher and brighter that logo was compared to everything else.

Once the new logos are placed on the building I will share those pictures with you as well as some comparison photos from old to new.