As FasTracks’ first commuter rail corridor gets ready to come out of the ground, its appropriate to take a more in-depth look at the railcar that will be moving us to and from destinations along across the mega project’s northern reaches. RTD and Denver Transit Partners (DTP, RTD’s Eagle Project Concessionaire team) have assembled a mock-up of the electric multiple unit (EMU) that will ferry passengers and displayed it outside the Wynkoop Street doors at Union Station.

The mock-up shows the front 1/3 of a rail car. These rail cars are made by Hyundai Rotem USA – they have produced more than 15,000 electric and diesel railcars. These cars meet Buy America requirements with more than 60% of the vehicle made in America. The cars will be assembled in Philadelphia and then shipped to Denver once they are completed. These are the same model of cars that the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) in Philadelphia has ordered as well.

A few quick facts on the vehicle:

  • Powered by 25kV AC overheard electrical system
  • Top operating speed of 79 mph
  • Room for 90 seats, 140 standing
  • Will operate in “married pairs” – two cars traveling together; married pairs are more cost-effective to use and do not require operating cabs on either end of the car
  • RTD will purchase 50 vehicles (at about $4 million each) to operate on all commuter rail corridors

This RTD mockup will be on display through June 18 between 8am-6pm every day. Get down there and take a look if you have a chance!