The crossing of Colfax Avenue represents one of the biggest barriers to safe and enjoyable pedestrian connectivity between Downtown and the Civic Center district. Several of the primary goals of the Downtown Area Plan focus on the issue of the pedestrian environment in Downtown Denver and improving Downtown’s “grand boulevards” from a pedestrian and urbanism perspective. In fact, I even reviewed the Downtown Area Plan’s main strategies from a pedestrian perspective in this post from 2008.

One (of many) of the Better Denver Bond Projects deals with this issue. Before I continue, let me state that the Colfax/Lincoln intersection is just as problematic (perhaps more so), and a good solution for that intersection has yet to be determined. Nevertheless, let’s turn to Colfax and Broadway and the Better Denver Bond Project that will be addressing this particular intersection.

This project can be described pretty simply: You know the right-turn-only lane that veers off of eastbound Colfax for southbound Broadway that creates a double pedestrian-crossing environment? It’s going away! Here’s a GoogleEarth image with an overlay (by me) that shows the planned improvements (click to embiggen):

The black line represents the new curb line. The reclaimed space will incorporated as part of the Civic Center Park’s “Broadway Terrace” rehabilitation project, also a Better Denver Bond project. This Colfax/Broadway pedestrian improvement will get underway Spring 2011.

It’s not earth-shattering, but it is a +1 for Downtown Denver pedestrians.

One down, a few thousand to go.