Time for us to take a look at the Oak Station! Only 69 days until opening!!

The Oak Station is located at 13th Place and Oak Street in Lakewood. The area is predominantly residential to the south and east while retail exists to the north with industrial uses to the west. There is a lot of redevelopment potential around this station as large tracts of former retail (abandoned Circuit City store and various car dealerships) sit idle, awaiting their next life.

As with the other stations along the corridor, the Oak Station has a very different design scheme than we are used to from other RTD light rail stations (these pictures were taken in the fall when construction was complete, so don’t let the leaves and green grass throw you off).


There will be a large landscaped plaza-esque area just to the north of the light rail platform. Crews were completing landscaping efforts, as seen in the photos below. RTD estimates upwards of 1,300 people will utilize this station daily by 2030.



Immediately north of the plaza and station platform are the station’s four bus bays. The routes that will serve this station include the 16 and the 100.


The station also has 200 surface spaces located directly north of the station across 13th Place. The parking lot is easily accessible through a crosswalk installed across 13th Place. The bike lockers are also located on the north side of 13th Place, but south of the parking lot. For bike enthusiasts, take heed in that RTD placed them there for security reasons (away from the platform). There will be bike racks on the south side of 13th Place to the eastern end of the platform/plaza area near Oak Street.



I like showing before and after comparisons, so here’s a look at the progression of the Oak Station over the last few years.



Next time we will take a look at the Federal Center Station, site of the largest park-n-ride along the corridor as well as the relocated St. Anthony’s Hospital. For those along the corridor, keep in mind that RTD has begun integrated testing and trains will be active and moving along the corridor. It’s time we all get used to seeing them in action and remaining mindful of the all at-grade crossings.