Project Description

The time has come to move SkyHouse Denver into the completed category. Construction is starting to wrap up and residents will begin to occupy the units in November. As you probably noticed by the title, we are going to be breaking this project up with two separate parts. Today, we will be focusing on the interior of SkyHouse.

A huge thank you to Ashley Cattolica of Fitzgerald Petersen Communications and Carmen Miller of Simpson Housing for giving DenverInfill a tour of this project!

Let’s begin the tour with the ground floor. This is the resident entrance to the building which contains computers for new residents to fill out applications, a seating area, the leasing office, and a 24 hour concierge.


Heading up into the tower, here are two main living areas. The first photo is a studio unit and the second a one bedroom unit. Every unit features floor to ceiling glass, stainless steel appliances, real wood floors, and a private patio.

2016-09-27_skyhouse-ini-05 2016-09-27_skyhouse-ini-03

Here is a the bedroom of the same one bedroom unit pictured above.


The top (25th) floor houses most of SkyHouse’s amenities. A large community room, with a large kitchen, and a fitness room are two of the notable indoor amenities.

2016-09-27_skyhouse-ini-10 2016-09-27_skyhouse-ini-11

The outdoor rooftop terrace features great Downtown Denver views, and ample space for residents.


The pool resides on the south side of the roof. As you can see in the first photo, there is plenty of sunlight to go around.

2016-09-27_skyhouse-ini-08 2016-09-27_skyhouse-ini-07

Let’s wrap up with a couple of views from the 25th floor. Looking east, we can see Uptown and northeast Denver. Looking West, we get a great view of Downtown Denver with the mountains in the background.

2016-09-27_skyhouse-ini-09 2016-09-27_skyhouse-ini-12

For part two, we will be exploring the finished exterior of SkyHouse Denver. Stay tuned!