Goodbye Market Street Station!

With the new Denver Union Station Transit Center now open, it is time to say goodbye to Market Street Station. The 30-year old station has served many transit riders including myself and I’m sure many of you have memories using this station throughout its legacy. Today we are here to say goodbye and take a look at some final photos before it becomes another memory in Denver history.

The outside of the station always had an interesting mix of architecture. From the 1970’s style waiting area mixed in with tents similar to Denver International Airport to chess pieces as benches, this plaza has always been a very unique sight. Also, did you notice 16M in the background? This intersection is going through many changes.

2014-05-10_MarketStreetStation-01 2014-05-10_MarketStreetStation-03

2014-05-10_MarketStreetStation-02 2014-05-10_MarketStreetStation-05

For being a product of the 1970’s, these entrance buildings are still pretty sleek.

2014-05-10_MarketStreetStation-04 2014-05-10_MarketStreetStation-19

Time to head down to the station! Unlike Chestnut Pavilion and Wewatta Pavilion, these are very narrow passageways with a narrow central staircase.

2014-05-10_MarketStreetStation-07 2014-05-10_MarketStreetStation-18

2014-05-10_MarketStreetStation-08 2014-05-10_MarketStreetStation-14

Once you make it down, you are greeted with a very dark, green tinted great hall with very uncomfortable, round, granite seats. In the center, there is a ticket booth counter and restrooms in the back. Behind all of that, you will find Gate 5 in a nice, tucked away, easy to miss corner.

2014-05-10_MarketStreetStation-09 2014-05-10_MarketStreetStation-15

When your bus arrives, the bus door is right up against the gate door. If you have any large bags, it’s going to be difficult to get them into the cargo compartments of the bus.

2014-05-10_MarketStreetStation-16 2014-05-10_MarketStreetStation-17

No matter how dark, uncomfortable, and smelly Market Street Station was, it still held a lot of sentimental value to a lot of riders. Every wall in the station is covered with memories, and goodbyes to the station.

2014-05-10_MarketStreetStation-10 2014-05-10_MarketStreetStation-11

2014-05-10_MarketStreetStation-12 2014-05-10_MarketStreetStation-13

Back outside, between the two entrances, you are greeted with the same uncomfortable, round, granite seats that skateboarders used more for tricks more than pedestrians for seating.

2014-05-10_MarketStreetStation-22 2014-05-10_MarketStreetStation-21

And how can we ever forget the bright, red way-finders at each corner of the block?


What’s next for Market Street Station? A pair of Denver developers have very high interest on redeveloping the block into a mixed use building or two, much like 16M. The only building that stays is RTD’s headquarters at 1600 Blake Street. For now, it’s goodbye Market Street Station!

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  1. Mark May 11, 2014 at 1:55 pm

    So many memories of running down those stupid stairs to catch the BX back to Boulder…or trying to finagle a bike on the regional buses’ front mount rack. Or visiting the toilet, which had no doors and no mirrors… The daily lining up during rush hour.

    So long Market Street station. For more than 5 years I traversed you at least a half a dozen times a week. Its been a while, but I hold the time we spent together killing time waiting for the bus as a fond memory.

  2. Kriston Capps May 13, 2014 at 7:45 am

    Hi Ryan,

    These pictures of graffiti on the station are fantastic. Do you have any more that you haven’t published? I would love to get permission to use your photos to illustrate a story about the changes in Denver (with full attribution to this post and site) for a story on Atlantic Cities.


    • Ryan Mulligan May 14, 2014 at 10:56 am

      I live close to that station, so I certainly could take more pictures. I have a few others I’d be happy to share.

  3. Alejandro May 13, 2014 at 11:28 am

    Good riddance!

  4. Eric V May 13, 2014 at 8:15 pm

    Would love to see if the developers can preserve some of the space as a people place in the heart of downtown. Although somewhat bizarre and ugly, I’ve always valued Market St Station as a good open public space in the heart of downtown. Underutilized for any number of good reasons in it’s present form, but if if some sort of public square or gathering space could be preserved in the redevelopment that would be wonderful! Probably a pipe dream on my part, but oh well.

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