Let’s take a look at the impacts of the recent flooding rains on the East Rail Line, which is at the height of construction.


Seems (very) minor? You’re right.

Luckily, RTD and construction managed to avoid any major flood damage. Besides some puddling and dirty vehicles, there was just some run off on sloped surfaces and sub-base in certain locations has to be replaced. The project managed to avoid the extremely damaging rains and subsequent flooding that hit just north of Denver. 

As you may notice in the pictures above, the concrete railroad ties are being installed along the alignment. These pictures were taken on the southern approach to the Peña Boulevard bridge. Each tie weighs about 660 lbs and there are tens of thousands of these ties along the project! The rail is attached to these ties, providing a secure base for our trains to travel on in about three years. 


The tractor below has an awesome attachment that allows it to pick up six ties at a time and put them in place – a HUGE time saver for construction crews. It’s a two-man operation, but it also helps explain why the ties are kept in piles as we see in the picture below.


For those traveling to and/or from DIA, please keep an eye out for construction crews (and cops). Crews are hard at work building both the East Rail Line and the new South Terminal Redevelopment Project. They’re out there busting their butts for us so we owe it to them to slow down a tad and keep them safe. It’ll also help you avoid a hefty speeding ticket!