Exciting news from RTD! What was formerly known as the obscure “Downtown Circulator/Downtown Distributor” has now been branded the free MetroRide! This is a free shuttle service that will run from the future Denver Union Station Bus Complex (opening May 9, 2014) up 18th/19th Streets and down Lincoln/Broadway (depending on the direction of travel) to the Civic Center Bus Station at 16th and Broadway.


As you can see on the maps above, there will be 16 new stations through downtown Denver. This will operate in a manner very similar to the 16th Street Mall Shuttle, but will stop every 2-3 blocks rather than every block. The shuttle will originate and end down inside the new bus station at Union Station as well, helping protect us all from the elements when we need it.

The buses will be modified articulated buses (similar to the ones that are running on Colfax and other busy routes). RTD is in the process of replacing their fleet of articulated buses with new, quieter, more fuel-efficient buses. The MetroRide buses will be slightly different with three doors – the other articulated buses will have only two to help facilitate paying passengers. The MetroRide buses will also be branded differently to make them easily identifiable.

This is an exciting project that will help alleviate capacity concerns with the 16th Street Mall Shuttle as well as help create activity along both 18th/19th Streets and Lincoln/Broadway.

The MetroRide opens for service on May 9, 2014!