On a beautiful spring Saturday, RTD continued their celebration of the opening of the West Rail Line with free rides and station parties.

Each station hosted local businesses, musicians, community organizations, food and beverage trucks and other attractions and entertainment in hopes to invite the public to try out the new rail line.


The event was a huge success, if not too successful! as it brought out thousands, tens of thousands, to ride the new rail line and check out the festivities at each station.


Despite the huge crowds, packed trains and long lines, the crowds were excited to see the new stations and roller coaster-like bridges over 6th Avenue. Most of all, locals were excited to discuss how they will use the new light rail service and how it will benefit their communities.

Starting Sunday, riding the W line will cost a fare, but I hope you enjoyed the ride and thank you to all who worked so hard today as well as over the years in anticipation of this opening.