By Ian Harwick

Let’s take a look at evidence of investment and entrepreneurs changing the face of Denver: Recharging the sports community with Battery Power.

At the corner of 6th and Kalamath stands not just a building, but a catalyst for community. In a structure that had been vacant for years prior now stands a home for twelve different, innovative companies. This incubator of sorts has added personality, people, and long-term community investment.  Battery 621 has been here for three years now and as one can see from the photo (below) they are investing further into their space. As I toured this creative space, I found myself immersed in a new brand of business; one bursting with energy, community, fun, and the feeling that something awesome was around every corner.

Photo is Battery 621 and the build-out of their new rooftop deck.

The companies within the building have a focus on alternative sports and the accompanying infrastructure. Companies range from ski and snowboard companies, a staffing agency (bwbacon, my host for the afternoon) and a company dedicated to telling the stories of small businesses throughout Colorado, among many others.

These diverse companies all share the desire to create, innovate and invest in their surroundings and their community. The goal of the building owners was to take a prominent corner of Denver from something of shame to a place that inspires creative spirit.

In my opinion, they have done just that and more; they have taken a building and created a place to build, create and experience a deeper, richer Denver.


Ian Harwick is a Denver native and serial entrepreneur who’s been building businesses for twenty years and helping others do the same for the past five years.  Currently, Ian runs Harwick Consulting, working with businesses of all sizes—although he has a special spot in his heart for mom and pop shops—and utilizing his abilities to connect objects, ideas and people and organize them in a way that fosters creativity and collaboration. Ian is also co-founder of CityCycle, a mobile app for smart phones that changes the way cyclists interact with Denver’s bicycle infrastructure and the community that it supports. In his spare time, you can find Ian writing a book on community building, drinking coffee at a non-chain establishment, or building something new in his home.