Today the entire rail system was free giving everyone in the Denver Metro area a chance to ride the new W-Line along with the rest of the system. Along with riding for free, there were little parties at most of the new stations along the W-Line.

At each station, there were various things to see and do. You could learn about Lakewood’s history or walk down the street visiting various art booths. I was very intrigued about how much talk there was about transit-oriented developments around some of these stations. There were various booths displaying everything from a single building proposals to master plans.


The turnout today was fantastic; not to mention it was a perfect Colorado spring day yet again. Each train was packed with excited people as some were able to see the new route for the first time.


Some stations had live music while others had some very entertaining folks. All in all, it was a great day celebrating the opening of our new W-Line.


I hope you were able to go check out some of the stations and if not, make sure you at least head west and check out the W-Line for yourself!