I know it’s a bit out of order – and we’ll get to see the Oak Station here in the next days – but RTD turned on the lights at the 6th Avenue Bridge for the first time last night in front of a crowd of 300 or so. Thanks to the folks at RTD for the pictures as my camera doesn’t take very good nighttime shots.


The 1.2 million pound (600 ton) bridge is at the site of a past at-grade crossing across 6th Avenue, which I understand was in place until the mid-1980s! The lighting scheme is permanent and will be on nightly, thanks to LED lights positioned across the bridge. The lights have a lifespan of about 100,000 hours (or 11 years). These babies shouldn’t be burning out anytime soon. For more detailed information on the bridge, check out this past blog post from our initial tour along the corridor.

Opening is just 91 short days away!