Time for a quick update on the Gold Line and Northwest Electrified Segment (NWES).

Crews have been busy at work on the Jersey Cutoff (which I covered in an earlier post), marking some of the most visible construction along the Gold Line and NWES. Situated just south and west of the Mousetrap, this bridge is easily visible from I-70 and serves a critical function in both RTD and the freight rail’s operations in this busy corridor. The bridge will allow Gold Line and NWES trains to travel up and over the Jersey Cutoff as the trains travel north. The bridge will drop the trains back down to ground level before they travel underneath I-70. Without it, neither the Gold Line nor NWES could function.


Courtesy of RTD, we have a slideshow of the construction. The location is hard to get to and find a good angle, so these pictures are awesome to show the breadth and magnitude of this bridge – its BIG.