For Part 2 of my series, we will be covering the Colorado National Bank hotel conversion. If you remember back in 2009, Stonebridge Companies bought the historic building on 17th and Champa. Then, back in 2011, we reported on DenverInfill that construction was to begin. (Head on over to the 2011 post for some renderings and interiors of the historic structure)

Present day, construction is now visible and being taken on by Alliance Construction. Construction fences and banners are always a good start! Remember, the plan calls to add two more stories to the current structure.

Here are some more ‘visible’ construction shots showing equipment has been moved on site. I’m sure there is a lot of interior restoration going on as well. The gold doors are going to be quite the grand entrance into this hotel once it’s complete.

The Colorado National Bank Building is the second historic structure under construction to become a hotel; Denver Union Station being the other. Over on 15th Street there is another building being converted into a dual-brand hotel. We’ll cover that next!