Besides the popular TIGER program, the US Department of Transportation has 12 other discretionary competitive grant programs. They’re all relatively small, generally awarding no more than a couple of million dollars to any given project. Yesterday USDOT announced its award winners for 2012, and Colorado hauled in a bunch of awards.

In total, Colorado got 17 grants totaling about $9.2 million, via 4 of the 12 programs. 10 of the grants are through the National Scenic Byways Program. The most interesting non-byway grant is probably $440,000 for 10 additional B-Cycle stations in Boulder.

Here’s the breakdown of all 17 grants. Those located along the urbanized Front Range are highlighted in yellow, for convenience.

Public Lands Highway Discretionary Program
For any kind of transportation project within or providing access to federal lands or facilities.
San Juan National Forest$3,500,000Safety Improvements To San Juan National Forest Access Road
This corridor reconstruction project will replace the pavement structural section, geometric, and drainage deficiencies for 6.2 miles. Funds will be used to reconstruct the paved roadway, widen shoulders, improve vehicle and pedestrian sight distance, replace drainage culverts and improve roadside drainage swales.
Denver$200,000The Transportation Recreation Opportunities Spectrum (TROS) in the Denver area
This project will develop a new set of planning tools that Federal Land Management Agencies (FLMAs) can used to better understand transportation needs, to identify and prioritize projects to improve Federal land access and to make strategic use of limited resources.
Ouray and San Juan Counties$1,750,000Red Mountain Pass Cribwall Replacement and Lane Widening
This project will increase roadway safety through the replacement of two additional cribwalls and the widening of US 550.
Transportation, Community and System Preservation Program
Promote coordination among transportation, community, and system preservation. Funds to improve efficiency, reduce environmental impacts, and improve access to jobs, services, and centers of trade.
Boulder$440,000Boulder B-Cycle Bus Rapid Transit and Commercial Corridors Expansion Project
TCSP funds will be used for the Boulder B-Cycle Bus Rapid Transit and Commercial Corridors Expansion Project, including 10 public bike‐sharing stations and 10 bikes.
Denver$500,000Denver Aerotropolis Comprehensive Transportation Plan
TCSP funds will support the comprehensive transportation and land use planning process needed to develop Denver International Airport as a national transportation hub and plan the surface transportation connections needed for sustainable development.
Grand Junction$1,190,099North Avenue Complete Streets Project
TCSP funds will revitalize a commercial corridor in the center of Grand Junction.
Truck Parking Facilities Program
For improvements related to commercial motor vehicle parking.
Eagle County$100,000Completion of long-term truck parking facilities in Dotsero
This project will add facilities such as rest rooms and improve security surveillance and driver information services by converting a short-term truck parking facility on US 6 in Dotsero near the I-70 ramps to a long-term facility.
National Scenic Byways Program
Funding supports projects that manage and protect these roads recognized as having outstanding scenic, historic, cultural, natural, recreational, and archaeological qualities.
Jefferson County$40,000Lariat Loop National Scenic Byway Signs
This project will provide information about the Lariat Loop National Scenic Byway.
Montezuma County$252,631Trail of the Ancients McElmo Flume Overlook
This project will construct an overlook on the Trail of the Ancients at the McElmo Creek Flume and provide information about the history of the Montezuma Valley Irrigation Company delivery system.
Trinidad$280,904Colorado Welcome Center in Trinidad
The project will provide structural, functional, and safety upgrades to the Colorado Welcome Center including the addition of accessible restroom facilities and entrances, bicycle racks, and fencing.
Teller and Fremont Counties$65,600Gold Belt Tour Scenic and Historic Byway High Park Road Safety Fencing
This project will construct 10 miles of fencing to keep cattle off the roadway. The traffic on this route has increased 40% since designation of the byway and cattle in the roadway has been a significant safety issue.
Statewide$462,000Conservation and Development Planning along Colorado’s Byways
This project will produce development plans for three Colorado byways, perform conservation planning on eight byways, and develop materials that showcase the relationship between byways, land conservation, and economic development. The project will conserve private land and water resources that protect the visual, ecological, and economic integrity of the byway.
Costilla and Conejos Counties$157,000Los Caminos Antiguos Directional Signage
This project will provide new signs at key locations along the byway that provide directional information.
Larimer and Weld Counties$37,960Cache la Poudre Informational Signage
This project will design and build information kiosk signs at approximately 35 locations along 53 miles of this scenic byway.
Hinsdale, Mineral, and Rio Grande Counties$110,080Silver Thread Scenic Byway Rest Area and other Improvements
This project will provide new accessible restrooms, paving repairs, and new fencing at rest areas along the byway at Spring Creek Reservoir and at the top of Spring Creek Pass.
Southeast Colorado$69,120Santa Fe Trail Scenic and Historic Byway Signage and Site Improvements
This project will provide interpretive and informational signage, bike racks, and a safe pull-off area.
Southeast Colorado$39,288Santa Fe Trail Coordinated Road Signage
This project will provide directional signs in four counties along the the historic Santa Fe Trail.