There’s a lot of interest these days in constructing intercity rail along the Front Range and into the mountains. The proposals to do so are exciting, and if built would have tremendous benefits for Colorado’s cities.

But if you want to travel around the state without a private car, there already exists today an option to do so. It’s slower than a train would be, less comfortable than a train would be, doesn’t offer the sort of economic benefits to central cities that a train would, and is all around inferior to just about any potential train option – which is why not many people use it. But it is there, on the ground right now, available for use by anyone who cares to do so.

I’m talking about Greyhound, which runs buses to 52 destinations in Colorado alone – just about every populated place in the state. Here’s a map of Greyhound lines in Colorado. Click the image to download the full national map.

The different colors indicate whether routes are operated by Greyhound itself or a contracting service.