This post is in the spirit of our recent review of some of the Better Denver Bond projects, but technically the project discussed here today is being funded out of a different pot of money. Nevertheless, like the bond-funded improvements in the area, this project represents evidence that the city is making progress in redesigning our public rights-of-way so that they are not just the domain of the private automobile.

The Welton and Colfax intersection reconstruction project will substantially decrease the amount of land covered by asphalt, shorten the distance of pedestrian crossings, add streetscaping and wider sidewalks, align Welton with Galapago Street to the south, and force vehicles to make 90-degree turning movements at the intersection. Here’s a diagram I created on a GoogleEarth aerial, based on the latest drawings I could find of the project’s design. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Click to embiggen.

This project should get underway later this year.