Hello, Denver urbanists!

DenverUrbanism is a new companion blog to DenverInfill. As the name implies, this blog is about Denver (regionally speaking) and about urbanism, humans and their activities, interactions, and movements within an intensive environment of public and private spaces. DenverUrbanism is about city-building and helping push the Mile High City to the next level of urban greatness.

Isn’t that what DenverInfill is for, you may ask? Generally, yes. But DenverInfill (both website and blog) were originally created for the purpose of tracking urban infill developments. And while the DenverInfill blog has branched out recently to cover the broader topic of urbanism, its reputation remains rooted in promoting urban infill projects. Therefore, this blog allows DenverInfill to return to its original focus while providing a new venue for a comprehensive discussion about Denver’s urban future.

DenverUrbanism is a group effort. In addition to Chris Geddes and Ryan Mulligan from the DenverInfill blog, our DenverUrbanism regular contributors also include local planner and author Shawn Snow from the Colorado Historical Society and DenverHistoryTours, who will share his views on Denver’s rich urban past, and Dan Malouff, a Washington DC-based planner with Colorado roots and creator of Beyond DC, who will provide a national perspective to our discussion on urbanism. Then, to add to this collaboration, a cadre of individuals, from bicycle advocates to urban designers to streetcar enthusiasts, have been invited to participate as guest authors who will be covering a variety of topics at DenverUrbanism. Some of our guest bloggers may be one-time contributors, others will provide commentary on a more frequent basis. Regardless, their contributions will be invaluable in advancing our cause and making DenverUrbanism interesting and engaging to read. Together, along with your comments—a critical aspect of DenverUrbanism’s success— we will elevate the public discussion about how metro Denver continues its urban evolution.

Most importantly, DenverUrbanism will enthusiastically and unapologetically advocate a progressive urban agenda for Denver. We hope you will join us.