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EAGLE Project Progress – Railcars!

Exciting news courtesy of our friends at RTD as they announce that the first 10 railcars which will run along the East, Gold, Northwest Electrified Segment, and North Metro Rail Lines have arrived at the Hyundai-Rotem plant in Philadelphia from South Korea. For more information on the cars (including why the shells were made in South Korea) check out our blog post from this past May.


For more information on the railcars, check out the Denver Transit Partners’ (DTP) website. DTP is RTD’s concessionaire for the EAGLE Project and will be the operator of all three EAGLE Project corridors once complete in 2016.

The cars will be fully completed in Philadelphia prior to being shipped to Denver sometime late next year for testing and eventual operation! This is a really exciting development as we await a new transportation mode choice throughout the Denver metro area!

East Rail Line Progress – Flood Damage and Tie Installation

Let’s take a look at the impacts of the recent flooding rains on the East Rail Line, which is at the height of construction.


Seems (very) minor? You’re right.

Luckily, RTD and construction managed to avoid any major flood damage. Besides some puddling and dirty vehicles, there was just some run off on sloped surfaces and sub-base in certain locations has to be replaced. The project managed to avoid the extremely damaging rains and subsequent flooding that hit just north of Denver. 

As you may notice in the pictures above, the concrete railroad ties are being installed along the alignment. These pictures were taken on the southern approach to the Peña Boulevard bridge. Each tie weighs about 660 lbs and there are tens of thousands of these ties along the project! The rail is attached to these ties, providing a secure base for our trains to travel on in about three years. 


The tractor below has an awesome attachment that allows it to pick up six ties at a time and put them in place – a HUGE time saver for construction crews. It’s a two-man operation, but it also helps explain why the ties are kept in piles as we see in the picture below.


For those traveling to and/or from DIA, please keep an eye out for construction crews (and cops). Crews are hard at work building both the East Rail Line and the new South Terminal Redevelopment Project. They’re out there busting their butts for us so we owe it to them to slow down a tad and keep them safe. It’ll also help you avoid a hefty speeding ticket!

EAGLE Project Progress – 50% Complete!

It may seem hard to believe, the $2 billion EAGLE Project is 50%  complete. RTD and its partners had a ceremony yesterday morning to mark the halfway point in the project which featuring multiple speakers, including US Representative Ed Perlmutter,  Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan, Arvada Mayor Marc Williams, Westminster Mayor Nancy McNally, Adams County Commissioner Eva Henry, Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Regional Administrator Linda Gehrke, DTP Director Greg Amparano, and RTD GM Phil Washington.  



Every speaker spoke of the importance of regional cooperation and how integral the decades spent developing relationships and coordination directly lead to a regional take on a mega-project such as FasTracks. Combined with the relative brevity of everyone’s speeches, it was nice to see the representatives thanking each other and talking of how their respective jurisdictions have worked well together, and not just beating their own chests or tooting their own horns over their individual contributions to the project. 


The event was held just behind the Denver Police Department facility at Park Avenue and Globeville Road, site of the Gold Line and Northwest Electrified Segment’s approach into downtown Denver, prior to crossing the South Platte River bridge. As you can see in the pictures above, the skyline provided the perfect backdrop. 

Only three more (short) years until the project is complete!! 

DIA Construction Progress

Thanks to our friends over at RTD, we have some amazing pictures of the massive construction project that is the South Terminal Redevelopment Program (STRP)! Construction looks to be progressing well as the elevator shafts have topped out and crews are working on what looks to be about the 4th floor of the new building.

Click here to check out some of the great pictures. The hotel should be complete sometime in 2015 with rail service starting in 2016!

East Rail Line Progress – South Terminal Redevelopment Project

For anyone that’s been out at the Denver International Airport, you’ve certainly noticed the construction directly south of the Jeppesen Terminal. In just three short years, this will be the site of the end of the East Rail Line with fixed-guideway rail service between DIA and downtown Denver!

You may not remember what the site looked like before – that’s because there was nothing there. The groundbreaking was held at the site, but three or four stories higher than where the construction is occurring now! DenverInfill covered the groundbreaking ceremony in August 2010 in this post.


Because the site is located at one of the busiest airports on the planet, it’s rather difficult to get good pictures. It’s even more difficult to get pictures from within the construction site. Thanks (again) to our friends at RTD, we have one of our first looks at the major construction project that is the South Terminal Redevelopment Project (STRP). Take a look at the slideshow.

Also, thanks to Brian Weihrauch at RTD, we have a few additional pics. The rebar and concrete is being constructed to serve as the brace for the massive canopy that will cover the train station.



This $500 million project will be anchored by a 500-room Westin Hotel and is scheduled to be complete in 2015!