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Blast from the Past: Ralph Carr Judicial Center

So I don’t have many of my personal photos prior to five years ago, because I started to contribute to DenverInfill almost exactly five years ago! However, I thought it might be fitting to post my first ever project I covered back in 2011, the Ralph Carr Judicial Center.

This was the start to a truly great adventure I’ve had with DenverInfill, and DenverUrbanism.


The Ralph Carr Judicial Center is one of the most architecturally classic and diverse buildings we have seen this decade.

Blast from the Past: Denver Art Museum Hamilton Building

To launch our Blast from the Past feature, here’s a photo taken May 23, 2004 of the Daniel Lebeskind-designed Hamilton Building at the Denver Art Museum.


Were you able to guess this was the project from our teaser in our Blast from the Past introduction?

The DAM’s Hamilton Building was a challenge for construction workers to build, but the iconic design has contributed to Downtown Denver’s appeal as a destination for arts and culture.

Introducing: Blast from the Past!

We have published more than 5,000 photos of our fair city on DenverInfill and DenverUrbanism, featuring real estate development and infrastructure construction, street scenes, skyline views, and more. You may have forgotten about some of those older photos by now or, as a new blog reader, maybe you’ve not seen many of our images from the past. Either way, revisiting photos from years ago is fun and it helps put into perspective the remarkable progress we’ve made in building a more vibrant and urban Denver.

To that end, we are launching a new feature here on DenverUrbanism called Blast from the Past where we present classic oldies from both DenverInfill and DenverUrbanism and, occasionally, images from our photo archives that have never been published before! It’s much like Throwback Thursday except we’ll usually post more than one a week and they won’t necessarily be on Thursdays. All of our featured images will be at least five years old.

We hope you enjoy Blast from the Past and, as a teaser for our first post coming later today, can you guess what project was under construction in this photo?


You Can Be a Sidewalk Champion!

by Jill Locantore, WalkDenver Policy Director

Sign up today to help us build the momentum of the Denver Deserves Sidewalks campaign.

Imagine if you were responsible for filling the potholes in the street in front of your house. Not only would this policy place a significant financial burden on your household, but your ability to drive around safely would depend on other homeowners filling the potholes in front of their houses too. As ridiculous as this policy sounds, it is Denver’s current approach to sidewalk construction and maintenance. As a result, many Denver neighborhoods have missing, substandard, or deteriorated sidewalks, which makes it very difficult to get around safely on foot!

WalkDenver’s Denver Deserves Sidewalks campaign calls upon the City and County of Denver to assume responsibility for building and repairing sidewalks, and to establish a dedicated funding source for this purpose. To date, more than 2,200 individuals have signed the petition (online and hard copy), and nearly 30 organizations have provided letters of support. City Council has responded by establishing a Sidewalk Working Group, chaired by Councilman Kashmann, which will meet for the first time on January 27, 2016.

Now we need YOUR help to keep the momentum of Denver Deserves Sidewalks going and clearly demonstrate to City Council that residents want the City to provide this most basic infrastructure. The Sidewalk Champion Toolkit outlines several different ways you can help us get the word out and gather more petition signatures and support letters.

Your actions will not only help your neighborhood and your city become a more beautiful, walkable, and equitable place, but will also earn you great WalkDenver rewards!

  • Sign up to become a Champion and get a WalkDenver sticker!
  • Take one action from the Toolkit and get a WalkDenver tote bag!
  • Take three actions from the Toolkit and get a WalkDenver t-shirt!

Sign up today!

Denver Urbanists Unite! MeetUp #16 Coming January 13, 2016

It’s time for another Denver Urbanists MeetUp, our first of 2016!

Please join us for Denver Urbanists MeetUp #16 on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 starting at 5:30 PM at McLoughlins Restaurant and Bar, 2100 16th Street. McLoughlins is a great neighborhood pub right next to the Millennium Bridge.


Here’s how it works: You show up, grab a name tag, get a drink, and chat! There is no program or anything formal—just a bunch of friendly people getting together to talk about Denver’s growth and development and to meet other people who are excited about the vitality of the Mile High City. There is no fee and you’re on your own for food and drinks.

To view the MeetUp on Eventbrite, here’s the link (Denver Urbanists MeetUp #16). Registration is not necessary and you do not have to bring your ticket with you.

Come celebrate the new year with your fellow Denverites and let’s work together to build a more urban Denver!