Adaptive Reuse: Shift Workspaces

Today we are heading over to Capitol Hill to look at an adaptive reuse project called Shift Workspaces. The building at 383 Corona Street used to be a very underutilized building with only a couple offices in it. Now, it is used for shared workspaces or coworking. This is an open environment where you can either rent out a desk or cubicle for yourself all the way up to renting private conference rooms and offices for your small business. This space is geared towards small businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and independent professionals who all work together in a very comfortable environment. Not to mention, they even have a small workout room! I had a great opportunity to peek inside thanks to Brian Lantzy of Boutique Apartments. Let’s take a look!

On the ground level you are greeted with a very relaxing, industrial-esque workspace environment. This is primarily where you can rent out a table for a group, or a desk for yourself to get some work done.


Continuing around on the ground floor, you have private conference rooms which have the option to open up via a garage door. The room with the couches is now better utilized by getting converted to an office with tables and chairs.


You will also find a kitchen and common area which is great for networking or taking a break. Did I mention they always have coffee?

Going upstairs, there are cubicles, along more private workspaces. Some workspaces include a secure cabinet for secure storage. There are also configurations upstairs that are made for small groups that may not need an entire office.


Coworking is becoming popular especially here in Denver. Shift is running at full capacity which is a great sign given this is a fairly recent development. Head on over to their website for pricing and additional details.

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