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Status of US bikesharing systems, 2012

Bike Chattanooga, the largest new US bikesharing system in the US in 2012. Image by Elly Blue on flickr.

2012 turned out to be an unexpectedly quiet year for bikesharing. New York and Chicago were expected to launch the largest systems in the country, but delays have pushed them to 2013. Washington, Minneapolis, and others did expand, but it wasn’t the banner year that was anticipated.

At the end of 2011 there were 18 bikesharing systems in the US, with a total of 559 stations. Now there are 27 systems, with 834 stations.

  • 10 new systems opened, but none of them are very large. The biggest is Chattanooga, TN, with 30 stations.
  • One system closed. In 2011 Chicago operated a small 7 station pilot program that has since shut down. They plan to open a new and much larger system in 2013.
  • Of the 18 networks open in 2011, 9 expanded in 2012. The most significant expansions were in Washington, Minneapolis, and Boston. Boston’s expansion was enough to pass Miami Beach.

Here’s the complete list of bikesharing networks in the US, ranked by number of stations. New systems in 2012 are in bold:

Rank City 2011 Stations 2012 Stations
1 Washington 140 191
2 Minneapolis 115 145
3 Boston 61 105
4 Miami Beach 70 84
5 Denver 52 53
6(t) San Antonio 20 30
6(t) Chattanooga 0 30
8 Ft Lauderdale 20 25
9 Madison 27 24
10 Boulder 15 22
11(t) Charlotte 0 20
11(t) Nashville 0 20
13(t) Long Beach, NY 0 12
13(t) Kansas City 0 12
15(t) WSU – Pullman 8 9
15(t) Georgia Tech – Atlanta 0 9
17 Oklahoma City 0 7
18 Greenville, SC 0 6
19 Omaha 5 5
20(t) Cal – Irvine 4 4
20(t) Des Moines 4 4
20(t) Tulsa 4 4
20(t) GMU – Fairfax 0 4
24(t) Louisville 3 3
24(t) Houston 0 3
26(t) Kailua, HI 2 2
26(t) Spartanburg, SC 2 2
NA Chicago 7 0

Notes: For the purposes of this list, systems covering multiple jurisdictions are counted together if they are close enough for significant cross-border ridership, and separately if they are too far apart. Thus, Washington/Arlington/Alexandria and Miami Beach/Surfside are counted together, but Denver/Boulder are counted separately. Counted together, Denver/Boulder have 75 stations.

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  1. Ian says:

    Didn’t City Council accept grants to open up 27 new stations? Do we know when those will be built?

    • DUS Watcher says:

      According to Denver Bike Sharing, the organization that owns Denver B-cycle, there will be 80 stations open for the 2013 season in Denver. The 53 in 2012, plus the 27 new ones in 2013. This will make the Tour de B-cycle much more difficult!

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  3. Fred says:

    Sorry to hijack the post but related to bikes: We just watched a movie that discussed bike lanes in Denmark. The solution was stunningly simple: Put the bike lane right next to the sidewalk and the parking outside the lane! So the parked cars protect the cyclist and the cyclist is not in traffic. The same foot print in pavement space as our current design: Sidewalk/parking/bike lane/cars

    The idea needs to get out!!