DenverUrbanism Podcast Collaboration: Denver’s Civic Center

This is our fourth collaboration between DenverUrbanism and, a great podcast run by local urban designer Arina Habich. Each quarter, DenverUrbanism hosts a roundtable discussion about a timely Denver urbanism topic which Arina produces as a podcast on Our three podcasts so far have covered the Denver Union Station project, Downtown Denver’s 14th Street Initiative, and the future of Downtown’s Arapahoe Square district. This quarter, we take a look at Denver’s historic Civic Center Park and its surrounding district.

Civic Center Park is Denver’s hallowed ground. The park is the civic heart of the community. Ringed by Denver’s most important government and cultural institutions and a century’s worth of architectural icons, the Park and its surrounding district are in the midst of a significant revitalization. New programs and events are activating the Park like never before, and millions of dollars of rehabilitation work and new infrastructure have put the sparkle back on the Park’s physical features. New museums and infill developments nearby continue to enliven the surrounding area.

Our roundtable conversation about Denver’s Civic Center, hosted by Ken Schroeppel, includes Lindy Eichenbaum Lent, executive director of the Civic Center Conservancy, and Mark Bernstein, Downtown Area parks planner for the Denver Parks & Recreation Department. Our discussion covers the Park’s history, current efforts to rejuvenate the Park, and what the future may hold for Denver’s treasured Civic Center.

Urban Design Podcast #202: Denver’s Civic Center

You can also download the podcast from iTunes by clicking here.

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  1. Ted January 6, 2012 at 11:02 am

    Great listen! One question… is there a reason The City of Denver insists on holding this “Independence Eve” thing on the 3rd of July? For those of us that don’t want to shell out the $$$ for a Lacrosse or Baseball game on the 4th (or don’t find sports all that interesting), Denver’s fireworks options on the 4th of July are really quite disappointing. I think that free, public fireworks ON THE 4TH in Civic Center could be an even bigger hit than Boulder’s annual community firework display at Folsom Field. Is the city just trying to not steal Mile High Stadium’s potential crowd? Sounds (especially from the podcast) like an amazing event, and I might actually consider going if they do it on the 4th!

  2. Dan B January 7, 2012 at 12:15 pm

    I enjoyed this podcast very much. Thank you, Ken, for taking the time to put these informative discussions together for public consumption. Urban geeks like myself love it!
    I have to say i was pretty disappointed when the topic of ground floor retail came up. Frankly, I was shocked at Lindy Eichenbaum Lent’s lack of vision for this. She basically said that ground floor retail will NEVER be an option at CCP. What? What is up with this lack of vision??

    There are clearly 3 or 4 prime locations to develop structures (with any number of uses, but definitely residential) with ground floor retail in and around the park…
    Along the curve on 14th just west of the Greek theater.
    Along the curve on Colfax just east of the Voorhies memorial.
    Directly opposite the McNichols building (as was originally planned).
    Or outside the park, on the corner of 14th and Broadway just north of the library.

    I think all the improvements that have been made are wonderful and I know things are improving, but to completely discount the possibility of ground floor retail is sickeningly shortsighted.

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