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Blast from the Past: Colorado Convention Center Expansion

The expansion of the Colorado Convention Center to its current configuration opened in December 2004. This photo looking down California Street from 16th was taken on May 10, 2004 and shows part of the center’s distinctive 14th Street atrium under construction. To the left, the old Bank of Denver and Republic Hotel buildings on Block 162 are still standing. They would be demolished in August and September of 2007.


For more, check this post on the history of the Colorado Convention Center.

Blast from the Past: Highland Bridge

On a warm summer evening with Interstate 25 closed in both directions and about 100 onlookers gathered along Central Street in Lower Highland, the center span of the Highland Bridge was raised into place. I took this photo around 1:00 AM on Sunday, August 6, 2006.


With the bridge’s opening several months later, the relationship between Downtown Denver and Northwest Denver had fundamentally changed. A strong pedestrian link connecting Lower Highland with Platte Street, Riverfront Park, Union Station, and Lower Downtown had been forged.

Multimodal Improvements Planned for Broadway, Lincoln

At the Community Workshop #2 held yesterday, the city revealed their recommended redesign for the Broadway/Lincoln corridor.

The highlights: a two-way parking-protected cycle track for Broadway and a dedicated transit lane on Lincoln.


Image courtesy Denver Public Works

Image courtesy Denver Public Works

For complete details, please visit the DenverMoves-Broadway Community Workshop #2 page as well as the review and analysis by David Sachs at Streetsblog Denver.

Denver is heading in the right direction with these recommended changes by utilizing a portion of the public right-of-way for people who move about the city by means other than the automobile.

Blast from the Past: Denver Postal Annex Demolition

For all you newbies to Denver, a massive blonde brick building—the Denver Postal Annex—once occupied the entire block along Wynkoop between 15th and 16th across the street from the Tattered Cover. Not only did the building’s architecture not fit in with its historic LoDo neighbors, but the truck loading docks and lack of sidewalks along the Wynkoop side made navigating the area as a pedestrian quite a challenge. I took this photo on a blustery March 13, 2005 while demolition of the building was underway. Off in the distance, the Hyatt Regency Denver Convention Center climbs into the Denver skyline:


The Postal Annex was replaced by the EPA Region 8 Headquarters and 1515 Wynkoop.

Broadway/Lincoln Community Workshop #2 is Today, January 28

The City of Denver, along with community members and transportation advocates, have been working on crafting a vision for improvements to Denver’s Broadway/Lincoln corridor to transform the streets from automobile-dominated thoroughfares to multi-modal livable streets.

In November, we reported on the Community Workshop #1, which laid out three options for how Broadway/Lincoln could be reconfigured to provide better pedestrian, bicycle, and transit uses in the corridor. David Sachs at Streetsblog Denver has been covering this issue thoroughly, and I agree with him that Option #3 is the best.

Option #3 for Broadway/Lincoln. Image courtesy City and County of Denver.

Community Workshop #2 is today, Thursday, January 28, from 3-8 PM at the South Broadway Christian Church, 23 Lincoln Street. Please stop by and let Denver’s planners know you support a multi-modal Broadway/Lincoln corridor!