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Volunteers Needed August 16th for Re-imagine West Colfax!

by Jill Locantore

Re-imagine West Colfax is a one-day community celebration and demonstration that will test out creative redesigns that make Colfax more pedestrian and bicycle friendly, including enhanced crosswalks, median refuges, wider sidewalks, small pop-up parks along Colfax, and several types of bike lanes that allow riders to test what it feels like to ride on each. All of these features will be paired with food, music, art and beer. In addition to helping with set-up and tear-down of the event, we need volunteers to host various activity stations throughout the day, including parklets and “Tour de Donut” bike stations. All volunteers will receive a free t-shirt and refreshments!


To sign up for a shift, visit

For more information about the event, visit

Denver Urbanists Unite! MeetUp #13 Coming July 8, 2015

It’s the DenverInfill Blog’s 10th Anniversary! The first ever DenverInfill Blog post occurred on July 5, 2005. We will celebrate ten years of covering Downtown Denver’s amazing growth and revitalization at Denver Urbanists MeetUp #13.

Denver Urbanists MeetUp #13 – DenverInfill’s 10th Anniversary Celebration
Wednesday, July 8, 2015 at 5:30 PM
Denver Union Station – Great Hall/Terminal Bar

We wanted a special venue for our 10th anniversary celebration and they don’t get much more special than Denver Union Station!


If you haven’t been to one of our Denver Urbanists MeetUps before, it’s quite simple:

Who: If you self-identify as an urbanist and you love Denver, then you’re invited!

What: A meetup is an informal social gathering of like-minded people. There’s no program, presentations, or anything like that. You just show up, get your own food/drinks, and have a good time chatting with people.

When and where: See above. Please note: we will not have our own reserved area at Union Station. We’ll just occupy whatever space we need in the Great Hall/Terminal Bar area, mixed in with everyone else who happens to be hanging out at Union Station at that time.

Why: Because a.) it’s our 10th Anniversary! and b.) because it’s a good way to meet and build relationships with fellow urbanists.

If you’d like to let us know you’re coming, please register using the Eventbrite link below. The event is free and you are welcome to attend whether you RSVP or not. You do not need to bring the Eventbrite ticket with you. Denver Urbanists MeetUp #13 Eventbrite RSVP

Downtown Denver has really blossomed through infill development over the past decade and we’ve eliminated dozens of ugly surface parking lots. Celebrate with us on July 8!

Volunteers Needed: Downtown Denver Mall Experience Study

Would you like to help conduct research relating to how people experience Denver’s 16th Street Mall?

This summer, the Downtown Denver Partnership and the City of Denver are conducting a comprehensive Mall Experience Study to better understand how people use the Mall and to identify ways to make the Mall a more welcoming, vibrant place.

Please click on the image below to view/download a PDF that contains all of the information you need to know about the research study and how to volunteer.


This is a great opportunity for people who love urban environments and want to participate in making Downtown Denver better!

Fastracks Progress: Overhead Catenary System at Denver Union Station

Since I was a kid, overhead wires have always made my infrastructure senses tingle. This all makes sense because I grew up very close to these wonderful pylons running right down East Jewell Avenue in Aurora.


Source: Google Street View

Some, like myself, don’t mind seeing overhead wires, whereas others aren’t so fond of the visual clutter. But, enough about your friendly DenverUrbanism contributor’s personal childhood and opinions. Denver’s new visual infrastructure comes right to Downtown’s backyard: Union Station.  Let’s take a look at what’s going on under the commuter rail canopy!

2015-06-08_Overhead-01 2015-06-08_Overhead-02

Installation of the overhead catenary system under the canopy has commenced, adding the last piece to making this beautiful station fully operational.

2015-06-08_Overhead-06 2015-06-08_Overhead-07

Can you imagine how great this view will look with the new commuter rail trains running through it next year?


The real exciting visual, however, is just north of the canopy. These large, overhead catenary wires mean serious business and will serve three commuter rail lines pulling into Union Station!

2015-06-08_Overhead-05 2015-06-08_Overhead-03

This post might seem silly and filled with my likings towards overhead wire systems but remember, without these systems in place, our commuter rail system would cease to exist.


Downtown Reinvestment: 1660 Lincoln

It has been a little while since we looked at some of the reinvestment going on around central Downtown Denver. With newer, more attractive office projects going up in Union Station and Lower Downtown, the older office buildings in the central core have started to step up their game.

1660 Lincoln is not, by any means, Downtown Denver’s most attractive skyscraper. Built in 1972 and rising 30-stories (366 feet), 1660 Lincoln has always had a closed in presence on both the skyline and street level.



However, the skyline of a city is not what makes or breaks the experience; it’s the street level. Would you rather walk by a closed up office building, with two entrance / exit doors or a bright, open lobby with glass curtain walls lining the street?

2014-05-05_1660Lincoln-02 2014-05-05_1660Lincoln-01

This revialization project should be wrapping up in the next couple of weeks, brightening up yet another intersection in our great city.